[Merkaartor] Templatized tagging committed

Dirk Stöcker openstreetmap at dstoecker.de
Tue Nov 4 14:32:29 GMT 2008

On Tue, 4 Nov 2008, Chris Browet wrote:

> Ok, thanks. If I understand well, the <key> tag actually is the 
> equivalent of my "constant" and there is no way to automatically show a 
> template based upon the tags of a feature, right?

No. not yet. Anyway it is possible when you go through all presets and 
find the best matching one (There will be conflicts, so a best match 
algorithm is necessary).

>> This is something, which in future has to be fixed by map applications 
>> showing the name dynamically based on the users language. The current 
>> crude workarounds do not need additional support from the applications.
> ?? Just above you say that I "ignore the requirements of so many" and 
> that "It is pretty clear, that you do not like to support previously 
> established standards" and now you say "the hell with the established 
> standard tagging for Brussels, just do it another way".

There is a difference in supporting a thing and in encouraging it. The 
crude workarounds are nevertheless supported in normal way, but special 
support for them is not so good, as later removing that support will bring 
another bunch of problems.

> Whatever, I'm a tired of all this.
> You're right saying that I don't follow "established standards" I don't 
> believe in and that won't change. You're right saying that I do things 
> the way it fits my needs and that won't change, although I think I try 
> to anticipate the needs of the others.

You certainly do not care for interoperability and also team spirit is 
what I miss in every discussion I had with you. This is sad, because it is 
an important point in open source development.

> I like discussion, exchanging point-of-views, trying to explain mine to

To me it seems under "exchanging point-of-views" you mean that you give 
your point of view and others should take it.

> others. I'm sorry to say that I have the impression it is quite 
> difficult to influence yours. One thing I certainly don't want is for

I'm ready to adapt the JOSM file preset file format to fit the additional 
requirements you have. Also on josm-dev we have been open to changes in 
the osm file format. On the other hand in no discussion I had with you I 
have seen a slightest hint of modification of your own opinion. Maybe it's 
the other way round an your opinion is difficult to influence?

> others to think that I try to impose my views. There is just nobody else 
> doing the work so, yes, I do it the way I prefer.

Merkaartor started to be an independend solution beside the two other 
editors. This is fine. But must everything be different also in cases 
where common formats would increase the usability for all projects.

And yes you are very active for merkaartor. I'm very active in JOSM 
development and watching merkaartor mainly. But one thing is for certain: 
If for every release my efforts (especially translations) are destroyed 
again and again, then I will stop translating. Also if I need to duplicate 
the same stuff I already did for JOSM only because you say so the same 
applies. If a one-man show is what you want, then go on in this direction.

JOSM has still 50 times as much usage count compared to merkaartor, so we 
JOSM developers do not need to fear loosing anything if there is no 
interoperation between the editors. On the other hand merkaartor could be 
much better when relying on the stuff developed for JOSM.

But I alreaded feared when I started that thread, that the result would be 
exactly like it is now:
You are not willing to work together with other projects to get a common 

I will never again try to influence any developments in this direction, 
but everyone here is wellcome to come to josm-dev mailingslist in case 
interest to work together exists.

http://www.dstoecker.eu/ (PGP key available)

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