[Merkaartor] Templatized tagging committed

Chris Browet cbro at semperpax.com
Tue Nov 4 14:59:00 GMT 2008

> I will never again try to influence any developments in this direction,
> but everyone here is wellcome to come to josm-dev mailingslist in case
> interest to work together exists.

Please do not refrain of doing it just because of me.
I agree that I'm stubborn and that won't change either (per definition).

However, you shouldn't condemn all Merkaartor users because of me. There
might be people willing to go your direction and, as I said, am totally
willing to withdraw my changes for the good of the project.

Generally speaking, I'll take some distance to allow other to express
themselves, and, as I said, will only post patches, expecting others to
accept or deny them.

Best Regards
- Chris -
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