[Merkaartor] Templatized tagging committed

Dirk Stöcker openstreetmap at dstoecker.de
Tue Nov 4 18:05:23 GMT 2008

On Tue, 4 Nov 2008, bvh wrote:

> Here is my proposal : I will be on an airplane for 2x 7 hours next
> week. If Dirk can send me the latest tag-preset definition file that

Current file:

> JOSM uses + a few guidelines on where I can add to the file format
> without causing too much trouble for JOSM, I will try to look into
> merging or at least bringing closer together both file formats.

New tags and new properties of tags should be no problem at all. If they 
are, we need to fix JOSM's code anyway.

Changes of the general structure must follow some guidelines:
a) Do not invalidate the work done so far. This especially includes 
b) Allow a smooth transition. JOSM needs to support the current format. I 
will not accept changes, which are incompatible. New tags are fine. 
Obsolete tags are fine. But new meaning to old stuff is not.
c) Structure should be easily understandable without documentation. Don't 
overcomplicate stuff.
d) Changes should be better than current form, not only different.

The format is a result of growing requirements and its structure may not 
be the optimum. I already did larger changes to improve it and I have no 
problem doing that again.

Two problems are obvious:
- Many repeated information
- Grouping of information is not always correct.
   <combo key=surface" text="Surface" default="" delete_if_empty="true"
     display_values="Paved,Not paved,Cobblestone"

   should be theoretically

   <combo key=surface" text="Surface" default="" delete_if_empty="true">
     <choice value="paved" display_value="Paved"/>
     <choice value="unpaved" display_value="Not paved"/>
     <choice value="cobblestone" display_value="Cobblestone"/>

Thought without a good reason (i.e. improved performance, required to 
support extensions, less work on maintaining, ...) I will not change it.

> How about it?

Any suggestions are wellcome. I'm willing to change the preset integration 
into JOSM if that improves interoperability. I'm not willing to change the 
format when JOSM lateron is still the only user of the data.

P.S.: One note regarding image names. Currently they follow the form 
"presets/...". Although we have free form naming here it should stay that 
way, as other software already uses the same method (And JOSM preset 
maintainer restricted himself to stick with the naming even if JOSM 
supports different naming).

P.P.S.: Second note - Translations in the XML are supported (e.g. name 
gets name:de for German) but not used in the standard file, as we have 
translations in a central repository.

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