[Merkaartor] Templatized tagging committed

Chris Browet cbro at semperpax.com
Tue Nov 4 19:27:14 GMT 2008

> > That said, I'm not very happy with merkaartor's dev team so far, seems a
> bit
> > too cathedral-like. Half the names in the authors list seem to not be
> active,
> > half of the remainder seems to be complete newcomers, the rest just don't
> > seem very welcoming.
> > I wish I had more time to lead a fork (or a parallel version). Working
> better
> > with JOSM and copying the good things in it should a top priority. Please
> > stay around at least as moral support for the rest of us :-)


No need to fork. The "dev team" was 80% me lately, and I didn't have time to
both develop and assist, although I did my best.

As there seem to be a general discontentment about the way I did things, I
will stand down (not that I feel I was especially high, just lonely), so
there is plenty of room for other people like you to be more active in the
project and lead it in another (proper?) way.

Best Regards
- Chris -
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