[Merkaartor] Draging the map in rev11894

Chris Browet cbro at semperpax.com
Thu Nov 13 11:20:12 GMT 2008

> Webkit is only used when rendering Yahoo images.
>> Note however that if you only hide the yahoo layer (i.e. click on the
>> "eye",
>> webkit is still doing its stuff in the background, just not showing it).
>> To
>> completely disable it, set the background layer to "none" or some other
>> TMS
>> provider.
> So if I understand you correctly you are loading the Yahoo images (which is
> relatively slow) anyway, you're just not displaying them, if the layer is
> set to invisible, which it is by default I think? If so, are there any
> reasons for that?
> This is a feature. You can set the layer to invisible if the background
somewhat disturb proper editing, while the images are still loading in the
background and are instantly show when you enable background.

When the layer is set to "None", which is the default on a new install, I
think, nothing happens.

- Chris -
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