[Merkaartor] [OSM-dev] 0.5 API: /api/0.5/user/preferences, values truncated to 256 chars

Chris Browet cbro at semperpax.com
Tue Nov 25 15:37:08 GMT 2008

> You can look at the code just as easily as we can...
> Yep. Actually, the db fields are VARCHAR(255) so that's the "problem". I'll
change the wiki page for 0.5.

Is something different foreseen for 0.6, whether suppressing the 150 entries
limitation or the 255 char limitation?

The goal is to store Merkaartor preferences this way, for people having
different machines. As we have already more than 100 prefs, it doesn't seem
right to use 2/3 of the available entries just for Merkaartor.
The other idea was to use one entry with a serialized preference list, but
that will use more than 255 chars.

- Chris -
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