[Merkaartor] [OSM-dev] 0.5 API: /api/0.5/user/preferences, values truncated to 256 chars

Chris Browet cbro at semperpax.com
Tue Nov 25 17:21:48 GMT 2008

> What we could do is to make it update the preferences that are sent, rather
> than deleting all the preferences. This would be done as a POST. Also being
> able to fetch all preferences that start with a particular key may prove
> useful for things like editors getting all their prefs.

That seems very good. I didn't quite understood the reasoning behind the
"delete-before-update" paradigm. It makes the client quite heavier, as it
has to save all the preferences that don't belong to him, merge with its
own, then upload (that without taking into account the undocumented

Also, the "fetch all preferences that start with a particular key" is also
something which would otherwise had to be done on the client side, assuming
all keys belonging to Merkaartor would start with "Merkaartor/", for

- Chris -
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