[Merkaartor] Odd behavier in SVN

Maks Vasilev max at stranger-team.ru
Sat Nov 29 11:27:30 GMT 2008


IMHO, it's a bug in Qt4 native style Oxygen. Use qtconfig tool to select other 
style and try again.


On Суббота 29 ноября 2008 11:49:23 Alessandro Briosi wrote:
> Hi All,
> I experience a strange behavier in the current svn version.
> 1. The right and left toolbars in the window don't let me resize them
> (make them smaller), and also it keeps me from changing the height (I
> need to remove some information from them to resize the window and fit
> it to my screen.
> 2. The main problem is that every time I click on something on the map,
> the right toolbox grows a little, next time I click on something else it
> grows again, and so on, but the display size for the data they contain
> are well much less than what it guesses it needs. There must be
> something wrong with the minimumWidth calculation.
> I'm on Kubuntu 8.10 qt4.4.3 x86_64
> Maybe this is not Merkaartor related, but I was wondering if others
> experience this.

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