[Merkaartor] Not all nodes visible

Norbert Wenzel n_wenzel at gmx.net
Sat Nov 29 23:39:22 GMT 2008


I'm using the current svn build and since a few revisions it seems, that 
there are not always all nodes visible. This even happens if all nodes 
are just in a downloaded area. If you know where the node is (Data 
Layer) it is though possible to select the node, if you select the area 
around the node.

The error also occurs in case one adds an address (Karlsruhe Scheme) to 
a node which has been visible before. After adding the address and 
closing the node, it becomes inivisible. The dirty layer is set to 
visible though and in general is visible.

Anyway, I did not encounter any problems with ways or areas, so it might 
just be, that an icon is missing.


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