[Merkaartor] Import Read Only Layers and OSM File Loading Issues

Norbert Wenzel n_wenzel at gmx.net
Sun Nov 30 17:01:55 GMT 2008


I'm currently trying to use an OSM file of all (at the moment only) 
nodes in an area which contain "fixme" anywhere in their tags. The file 
is a standard OSM file, which is available upon request. (Didn't want to 
attach it here.)

The first thing I recognized is the opening of the file. Within a few 
seconds the file loading is 99% done, but then it takes about 5 minutes 
and a constant CPU load (on one core) of a 100%. The file is about 2.5MB 
so that should not be too huge. Are you doing anything on file loading 
(parsing, validating, etc.) which may consume as much CPU time?

The next thing is, when the file is loaded it's in a normal layer. Would 
it currently be possible to load the file as a read only overlay, which 
is not changed, when I download the actual OSM data from the server for 
that area? At the moment it seems, that all points of the initially 
loaded OSM file are dropped, in favor of the newer nodes downloaded from 
the server, which is perfectly valid if one loads multiple smaller parts 
of a big view, but in my special case throws away the important information.


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