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Chris Browet cbro at semperpax.com
Thu Sep 11 13:08:48 BST 2008

> Could you fix your mailing agent to use proper quoting? It is very
> hard hard to follow your replys.

Sorry, I'm using gmail and there is not much (that I know) that I can do to
solve... what is the problem again?

>  E.G. I choose "Nutzung" to be "Parkplatz" and the tags will show "amenity"
> is "parking". This is a normal separation between user interface (the
> combo boxes) and data (the tags).

Let's take "highway=trunk" as an example.
How am I suppose to translate "trunk", which, AFAIK, is an englo-english
Even if I would translate it in something approaching in frencho-french
("nationale" by instance), my fellow belgians, the swiss, or the canadians
won't have the same interpretation of it.
On the contrary, mappers know what a "highway=trunk" means, i.e."something"
between a motorway and a primary road (again purely english

I consider translating the presets like translating an american cookbook,
translating "oz" into "onces" (or whatever in german). It's just meaningless
because it's not the word that matters, it's what it means.

Whatever, back to the point, I think there are more experienced mappers
willing to see "trunk" than "nationale", so the default should be leave it
in english.
You can still set the options otherwise for your dad ;-)

- Chris -
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