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Dirk Stöcker openstreetmap at dstoecker.de
Thu Sep 11 13:28:50 BST 2008

On Thu, 11 Sep 2008, Chris Browet wrote:

> Sorry, I'm using gmail and there is not much (that I know) that I can do to solve... what is the problem again?

You have no quoting signs. That means your quoted and your own text cannot 
be distinguished.

> Let's take "highway=trunk" as an example. How am I suppose to translate 
> "trunk", which, AFAIK, is an englo-english categorization? Even if I 
> would translate it in something approaching in frencho-french 
> ("nationale" by instance), my fellow belgians, the swiss, or the 
> canadians won't have the same interpretation of it.

QT has different languages e.g. we have de_DE, de_CH and de_AT. If there 
are differences, these can be solved by supplying different translations.
When the master parts are equal, the different sets can be generated 

> On the contrary, mappers know what a "highway=trunk" means, 
> i.e."something" between a motorway and a primary road (again purely 
> english categorizations).

The mappers used to old style non-translated tools like old josm and 
untranslated potlatch know it. New users don't. Also JOSM has a fully 
featured translation now and the resonance was about 90% positive and 10% 
"I don't want" that. If you only care for old style mappers, so why do you 
develop a new tool at all? Seems a bit unlogical to me.

And also the knowledge for experienced mappers extends to known 
permanently used types. For new stuff they usually wont know what it 

> I consider translating the presets like translating an american 
> cookbook, translating "oz" into "onces" (or whatever in german). It's 
> just meaningless because it's not the word that matters, it's what it 
> means.

That's a very strange point of view. If we are on it, we also do not 
translate pepper and salt and water and sugar and all the other 
ingredients? Because this is what you request.

> Whatever, back to the point, I think there are more experienced mappers 
> willing to see "trunk" than "nationale", so the default should be leave 
> it in english. You can still set the options otherwise for your dad ;-)

You change a default setting of the current version without any good 
reason to support your personal somewhat strange opinion. Where are these 
many mappers complaining about the translated texts? Except french (and 
probably the anyway incomplete russian) all languages have been translated 
completely in 0.11 and only one person complained about it.

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