[Merkaartor] Uploading data from bulk .shp conversion

James Umbanhowar jumbanho at unc.edu
Wed Apr 22 11:01:57 BST 2009


I've got some data that I have converted from .shp file using polyshp2osm that 
I am trying to upload using Merkaartor.  Rather than using a bulk upload 
script, I would like to use Merkaartor to check tags and then upload.  I'm 
finding it difficult to do this.  Optimally, I would load the .osm file and then 
edit an object and then upload it as a changed object.  If I try to do this, I 
get the precondition fail, which makes sense as the upload is trying to upload 
just the changes.

Suboptimally, could I use Merkaartor to bulk upload and entire osm file?



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