[Merkaartor] Download bug with 0,6 api

Boris Cornet lists.borisC at psion2.org
Wed Apr 22 12:27:02 BST 2009

Hey Eg!

Yeterday (Tuesday, April 21, 2009) at 23:42 you wrote:
> Just found a bug in Mercaartor 0.13.1 on Vista64 using  0.6 api
> if i choose a arrea to download and also check off "Also  download raw GPS tracks" and press ok
> the progress bar comes up, and after a few  seconds,  the Download
> dialog comes up in front of the progress  dialog

Same behaviour on WinXP, probably related to API 0.6 (it worked

Good Bye,
   Boris   <borisC at psion2.org>

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