[Merkaartor] Uploading data from bulk .shp conversion

Chris Browet cbro at semperpax.com
Wed Apr 22 15:14:27 BST 2009

It's due to Merkaartor assuming an OSM is an extract of the database, and
not handling the case of OSM being a transport format "JOSM-style", i.e.
with negative id's. Could you please send me the OSM? I'll see that

OTOH, Merkaartor allows to import SHP files directly, too. In this instance,
the SHP objects are considered as GPX trackpoints, i.e. editable but not
uploadable without a manual "commit".
To upload an object, you will have to select it and "Feature - Commit to
dirty layer" it first.

- Chris -

2009/4/22 James Umbanhowar <jumbanho at unc.edu>

> Hi,
> I've got some data that I have converted from .shp file using polyshp2osm
> that
> I am trying to upload using Merkaartor.  Rather than using a bulk upload
> script, I would like to use Merkaartor to check tags and then upload.  I'm
> finding it difficult to do this.  Optimally, I would load the .osm file and
> then
> edit an object and then upload it as a changed object.  If I try to do
> this, I
> get the precondition fail, which makes sense as the upload is trying to
> upload
> just the changes.
> Suboptimally, could I use Merkaartor to bulk upload and entire osm file?
> Thanks
> James
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