[Merkaartor] troubles since 0.6 API

Andrew Harris andrew at woowoowoo.com
Fri Apr 24 05:24:19 BST 2009

I'm quite new to Merkartor, only used it for a couple of weeks, but
have been loving it, but since the API upgrade, I've been unable to

I use 0.12 (I'm on a mac) and I have checked the preference to use the new API.
It downloads an area as before, but when I try to upload new or
altered nodes it just returns errors.
"request (400) Server message is 'Bad Request'"

I then tried using 0.13 under Windows XP on a Parallels VM, but it
just keeps crashing. Won't even download an area of data, I only get
to do a couple of simple operations before it becomes totally
unresponsive and dies before I even get to download... sometimes takes
windows down with it!

If these were widespread problems, I'd have expected to see more
written about it, but I've had the same behaviour three days running
and have looked around the forums etc. with no real luck.

Any comments?

Andrew Harris
andrew at woowoowoo.com

~~~ <*))))>< ~~~

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