[Merkaartor] problems with 0.13.1 and qt 4.5.1

Robert Joop 6765407352758mkt at rainbow.in-berlin.de
Sat Apr 25 14:46:54 BST 2009

since updating qt to 4.5.1, i got a new phenomenon: the main area doesn't
get redrawn properly any more.
• after a download the red dots do not go away
• moving the map (single mouse button interaction turned on) makes
  the red dots go away, but also results in double images which most of
  the time stay after the button is released.
the second image is a little blurred, the offset varies.
the second image get clipped when zooming in and out, but does not
get zoomed.
sometimes when zooming out a number of steps or opening a menu, the main
area changes into some weird brown/yellow irregular pattern... i guess
i'll send chris some screen shots...
pulling the map makes it go away.

this is all with map layer none.
i thought it was 0.14-svn, but it the same with 0.13.1, so i guess qt
4.5.1 is the factor...


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