[Merkaartor] Merkaartor 0.13.2 released

merkaartor noreply at merkaartor.org
Sun Apr 26 19:30:03 BST 2009

We have to pleasure of announcing the release of **Merkaartor 0.13.2**.

This is a bug fix release of 0.13, mainly focused on fixing bug withe the newly released 0.6 openstreetmap api. Also, a bugging graphical corruption on Intel chipsets when the "Show downloaded area" was selected has been corrected.

Other relevant CHANGELOG entries are:
    * FIX : Problem with "center" & "center & zoom" from the properties dock
    * FIX : Nodes fetched by relations are incomplete and not completed by "download more" (fixes #1715)

Thanks to Denis De Mesmaeker, we also have a Mac OSX binary! You'll need to install Qt 4.4.3+ yourself, though, and translations are not included. We hope to solve that soon.

Head on to the [Download][1] page and happy mapping.

**- The Merkaartor Team -**

   [1]: http://www.merkaartor.org/./Download/

URL: http://www.merkaartor.org/news/Merkaartor_0.13.2_released/

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