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Chris Browet cbro at semperpax.com
Wed Jul 1 09:28:43 BST 2009

2009/7/1 Matias D'Ambrosio <angasule at gmail.com>

> On Monday 29 June 2009 20:07:54 you wrote:
> > No, there isn't such a function. What is your purpose in having all nodes
> > of a way selected?
>  Adding them to a relation (so that a role can be assigned to each node).

Still not convinced. Why would you want to add every single node of a way to
a relation rather than the way itself?
Problem with OSM data model is that it merges 2 different concepts
(linestring nodes and POI) into 1 object (a node).

For me, a node being both a linestring node and a POI should be an
exception, so I hardly see a way full of POIs (and I'm convinced only POIs
should be added to relations)

>  Another case would be to move a large subset of the nodes in a way (the
> same
> could be done by selecting the nodes that shoulding move, move them
> relative
> to the others, then move the entire way, but it's awkward).

Could be awkward, but it's way to go (or rather move the entire way, then
adjust the needed nodes).

>  Another thing that would help with relations would be a way to highlight
> an
> item in the member list and see it highlighted in the main area (to tell
> which
> node I have selected, but also useful for ways).

Good point. Will look into that.

>  Cheers,
>  Matt
> PS: No need to CC, I'm on the list.
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