[Merkaartor] 0.14-PRE1 and authenticating proxy support

Thomas Siegmund siegmund at develogen.com
Thu Jul 2 15:55:07 BST 2009

Hi everybody,

I'm having problems with proxies too, using current svn builds on linux and Qt 
4.5.2. A few months ago everything was fine, but unfortunately I do not no when 
the problems started.

I have modified line 376/7 in src/Preferences/MerkaartorPreferences.cpp to read

#if QT_VERSION > 0x040500

and then tried HttpCachingProxy, HttpProxy and Socks5Proxy. Both HttpProxy and 
HttpCachingProxy fail here because they issue a "CONNECT" which the proxy  
does not accept. If I understand the Qt documentation 
http://doc.trolltech.com/4.5/qnetworkproxy.html right, only the HttpProxy 
should use CONNECT. The Socks5Proxy works for me using an ssh tunnel bypassing 
the proxy.

The proxy setup code in MerkaartorPreferences looks pretty much like the 
example code in the Qt documentation. For reference I have also looked into 
KDEs Marble, which has started to work here with the latest version. Before it 
failed on the proxy too.


It now loads the same tiles which Merkaartor failes to load in it's download 
dialog. Marble uses a HttpProxy, but I don't see much difference in the code.



Fabien wrote:
> Martin Feuersänger <m <at> feuersaenger.de> writes:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I tried out 0.14-PRE1 yesterday, for the first time on Windows (using the
> > prebuild debug version).
> > However, I was behind a Microsoft ISA 2006 proxy. I gave hostname, port,
> > username, and password to merkaartor but I only got a "http request
> > failed" when trying to download.
> Hi,
> Proxy error too on SQUID 2.5 and no auth.
> Works fine with JOSM.
> Fabien
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