[Merkaartor] 0.14-PRE1 and authenticating proxy support

Martin Feuersänger m at feuersaenger.de
Fri Jul 3 12:26:48 BST 2009

Thomas Siegmund wrote:

>>> I haven't checked out the source code, but I guess what merkaartor
>>> needs to send out is a GET request.
>>> Well... Merkaartor is just using the proxy support in Qt. I'll check
>>> Qt
>>> source code to see why it is CONNECTing rather than GETting
> I just found this:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/qt4-preview-feedback@trolltech.com/msg00408.h
> tml

Very similar to what I was experiencing, except w/o authentication here.

> There is a reply from  Thiago (Qt Software).

Looks like this is probably the solution.

Thanks for digging into this, Thomas.


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