[Merkaartor] Patch updated: Enhance track visibility

Chris Browet cbro at semperpax.com
Mon Jul 6 01:03:51 BST 2009

I forgot to add that I'd leave it off by default for 0.14, as it seem to me
too late in the 0.14 process for a "forced" change. I'd then make it default
for 0.15.

Just make sure to only actually write the preference if it is turned on and
no preference existed before...

- Chris -

2009/7/6 Chris Browet <cbro at semperpax.com>

> My comments:
> - I'd rather put the Preferences setting in "Visual"
> - I'd put it under "Colors", with the possibility to change the track
> segments color. Maybe besides "Background"...
> - I'd rather call the setting "Alternate GPX track drawing" or something
> like that (more neutral than "Enhanced")
> - I'm a bit afraid that it is not obvious enough that it is not a plain
> road, so that it could be confusing to new users. Don't you think some kind
> of dashed lines would be better?
> Otherwise, I agree that it makes tracks far easier to read.
> OTOH, it makes working with the tracks downloaded from OSM completely
> unusable in crowded areas. Some might argue (including me) that it was
> already the case before, though.
> Regards
> - Chris -
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