[Merkaartor] yahoo adapter quirky

Daniel van Gerpen dvg at jccnet.de
Wed Jul 8 21:58:28 BST 2009

On Wed, 8 Jul 2009 10:28:59 +0200
Chris Browet <cbro at semperpax.com> wrote:

> Hi Dan,
> Could you be more specific. Besides the message, what is bothering
> you?

Sorry. I should not write bug reports in a hurry before work :-) The
problem is that the tiles usually don't show up at all.

> What do you mean by "disable the proxy code"? Wasn't disabling the
> proxy via preferences sufficient?

Tried that, too. But when that did not change any thing I resorted
to commenting out the 


which was just guesswork -- and didn't really help either. I should
also point out, that I'm not behind a proxy.

So, tonight, I checked again with r16381. Ubuntu Jaunty, 64bit,
UXA enabled, QT 4.5.0.

After compiling and installing:

- Verify that the proxy settings in the prefs is disabled.
- Switched the background to Mapnik TMS and closed merkaartor.

- Start again. Mapnik tiles are loaded and shown fine.
- Switch background to Yahoo! I see the CPU load go up to 100%
  and thousands of messages like this scroll by:

  ReqSize:  890 ,  1022 
  BrowserImageManager::pageLoadFinished - Error:   Hash:
  - Error:   Hash:

- Even if I wait for some time (minutes) no yahoo tiles are shown.

- When panning and zooming out, the app ponders for a while (CPU load
  down, no messages scrolling by) and then after several seconds
  continuing to print the error messages from above. This pondering
  at times also happens on startup.

Now, I go into the source on comment out the line in question:

  // page->networkAccessManager()->setProxy(M_PREFS->getProxy(u));

Recompile and start. Now after a while of pondering the yahoo tiles
are shown.

Close merkaartor. Comment the line back in. Compile. Start. Fails.

So I would argue that somehow, disabling the proxy pref is different
from uncommenting the line. Next I looked at

  QNetworkProxy MerkaartorPreferences::getProxy(const QUrl & requestUrl)

fixed it and my problem went away :-) 

I commited the patch to SVN.


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