[Merkaartor] yahoo adapter quirky

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Sat Jul 11 15:58:07 BST 2009

On Sat, 11 Jul 2009, Chris Browet wrote:

> > In the latter case, my guess would be that qmake also does not expand
> > it. OTOH, if make install worked, it should be okay for the plugins as
> > well.
> >
> Not true.
> While "make install" uses the shell directory expansion, Merkaartor "opens"
> the directory to search for plugins.

> If Qt do not understand and expand the
> tilde, it won't work.
> Those are 2 completely different things...

oh, sorry for the confusion about the ~
Actually, in fact I do use the fully expanded path
(I just shortened it by the ~ for the mailing list to keep the line below
80 characters; seems like this was a bad idea ...).

I looked into Main.cpp and added some qDebug() to
see the path which is being used in the search:
- during compile,  -DPLUGINS_DIR=/lib/merkaartor/plugins
  is set correctly
  (at least at first glance ... )
- But when running merkaartor,  STRINGIFY(PLUGINS_DIR) points to
  (which is the installation directory)

It turns out that specifying
  qmake  PREFIX=/home/myhomedir/NBB/SOFTWARE/Merkaartor/ Merkaartor.pro
is not a good idea, but
  qmake  PREFIX=/home/myhomedir/NBB/SOFTWARE/Merkaartor Merkaartor.pro
is better...
(Note the ommitted "/" at the end of the path !).

After this (make clean, make distclean, qmake , make , make install),
Yahoo is visible and selectable via the right-click menu
in a Map layer!

As reported before, unfortunately it does not work: Tons of
BrowserImageManager::pageLoadFinished - Error:   Hash:
ReqSize:  576 ,  577

are spit out on the konsole....
(I double checked that I am really running the latest svn, 16440
because I thought that this was fixed very recently?).

Best, Arnd

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