[Merkaartor] Making Merkaartor "Portable"

Eric Wolf ebwolf at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 18:56:34 BST 2010

I'm need to run Merkaartor on Windows without admin access and without
actually installing it. I also want to package it with a custom
configuration for the default OSM server, WMS server, styles, etc.

Just playing around, I've found that I can copy the Merkaartor application
directory from a system that it was properly installed on to a USB stick. I
can run this copy on a machine that Merkaartor hasn't been installed on.
However, all of the configuration settings are written to the Registry. It
would be much better if a config file were used instead. I assume the Linux
version uses a config file.

Has anyone tried to get Merkaartor running as a "portable" application?

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