[Merkaartor] Drawing buildings

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Thu Sep 9 00:18:17 BST 2010

On 9-9-2010 0:20, Chris Browet wrote:

> I'd like to try it in JOSM. Do I have to install a plugin? How do I
> activate the functionality?

Should be in core, but it's currently missing from the menu.

Draw a 2 node way, hit 'x', drag the way to one of the sides, release 
when you reach your desired building size.

Add a node to one of the edges, select one of the segments there, and 
extrude a bit more.

Add 2 nodes to another edge, select the segment in between those, and 
extrude it *into* the building to create a cutout.

There are 2 slight issues with it:
1) When you extrude again in a direction, interim nodes will stay and 
you'll have unnecessary nodes in an otherwise straight line.
2) When you extrude too far and want to drag it back a bit, 2 'antennae' 
segments remain. Easy enough to delete, but should be fixed in the tool.


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