[Merkaartor] License

Dirk Stöcker openstreetmap at dstoecker.de
Mon Feb 7 16:24:21 GMT 2011


for openSUSE build I was asked to clearify license:

> The merkaartor has a mix of licenses which makes it difficult to 
> determine what the license of the actual resulting binary should be. The 
> LICENSE file for the package contains a copy of the GPLv2. There are 
> various indications in the package that the package is GPLv2+ licensed.
> The spec file for the package is far too general. It just states 'GPL'.
> There are also indications in the package that there are GPLv3 files 
> (see plugins/background/MCadastreFranceBackground) and GPLv2 "only" (see 
> merkaartor-0.17.0/src/Main.cpp where the license is displayed as: 
> fprintf(stdout, "This program is licensed under the GNU Public License 
> v2\n");)

So please could you tell me what version of GPL is used?

I would suggest GPLv2+, as this is probably the most generic one. In case 
there is really V3 code included, then V3 is minimum. V3 and V2 only would 
be illegal BTW, so I hope there is not really V2 only code.

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