[Merkaartor] Axis alignment

Oliver Heesakkers Osm2 at heesakkers.info
Sun Jul 24 11:13:04 BST 2011

Op zaterdag 23 juli 2011 22:42:35 schreef Yves Goergen:
> Hi,
> I've been to a mapping party today and now I'm using Merkaartor more
> often again. I want to add a parking area but I don't quite get it.
> I added an area, with 4 corners. After the 4th corner, I press the
> Escape key to get out of area drawing mode. Then I select that axis
> alignment (rectangular, whatever) function to have a rectangle of my
> area. But after that, the beginning and end of the area line are
> disconnected and offset! Merkaartor doesn't seem to regard an area closed.
> This function does work for buildings, but I haven't drawn them myself,
> they were already there. Doesn't that feature work for areas I draw myself?

I've added a paragraph to the wiki describing "Creating a new area"


Most importantly: you don't use escape to finish the area, but click the node 
you started with.

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