[Merkaartor] merkaartor behind proxy and possible problem with ntlm

Lorenz Wenner lorenz.wenner at fsfe.org
Tue May 8 14:34:32 BST 2012


the setting: winXP clients running merkaartor are connected to the internet 
via a proxy server, which the users have to authenticate against using ntlm.

the problem: when trying to Download a map, i cannot zoom in the selection 
dialog, which means to me that the map is not updated. If i hit the "ok",  
button, a progress bar  appears, but never finishes.

my assumption is, that merkaartor cannot see the internet.

So, i entered the ProxyServers IP and Port into the corresponding field in the 
network properties. It did not help. Adding valid user credentials also 

Could the ntlm-thing be the reason for my struggle? how can i win?

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