[Merkaartor] cannot upload changes

Boris Cornet borisC at osm-at.org
Wed May 30 11:09:35 BST 2012


I have the same problem with merkaartor 0.17.2 win. Therefore I have
tried to find the reason by using Fiddler (a HTTP sniffer proxy), and
miraculously it worked.

However Fiddler reports
  Fiddler has detected a protocol violation in session #8.

  The Request's Host header did not match the URL's host component.

  URL Host:       api.openstreetmap.org
  Header Host:    api.openstreetmap.org:P

I think I remember a ticket targeting this bug way back. Seems that
some remnants of the bug have survived, and are now playing tricks on

It seems that we urgently need v0.17.3, or at least a recent nightly
build for windows.

The day before yesterday (Monday, May 28, 2012) Christian Kraemer typed:
> Hello,

> when I try to upload changes I get an error message, saying that "The
> requested URL /api/0.6/changeset/<changeset_number>/upload was not
> found on this server.".
> Is it just me, a temporarily problem or a change in the API, which
> Merkaartor 0.17.2 can't handle?

> Greetings Christian

Good Bye,

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