[Merkaartor] Merkaartor 0.18.0 released

Oliver Heesakkers osm2 at heesakkers.info
Thu May 31 13:15:53 BST 2012

Op do 31 mei 2012 13:12:20 schreef Chris Browet:
> See http://merkaartor.be/news/30 for full annoucement

On first glance, I have some issues with this version.

1. There are no more virtual nodes. The 0.18 version I took from git on 
2012-03-04 already stopped highlighting the virtual nodes, but they were shown 
and they did function, now they're gone entirely and no longer functioning.

2. 'Black' lines and dots are not updated during moving. I say black in 
contrast to orange, as I'm describing this using no style.
Moving a black dot is invisible, the line is updated only after the mouse-
button is released.
Now that the dot is orange, when I move the orange dot, the orange dot is 
moving, although a black one remains like a ghost, until the mouse-button is 
released, when the black stuff is cleaned up. The same goes for lines.

3. About reports version as 0.18-git()

FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE-p2
QT 4.8.1 (built with 4.8.1)
PROJ4 4.8.0
GDAL 1.9.0

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