[Merkaartor] Someone interested in taking over Merkaartor?

Milo van der Linden milo at dogodigi.net
Fri Mar 29 10:27:01 UTC 2013

Thanks Merkaartor for all these years you stood by me and helped me
get a lot of nice work done in OpenStreetMap!

As you can see on: http://hdyc.neis-one.org/?milovanderlinden
merkaartor has long been my editor of choice. It is just recently that
I moved permanently to josm. Since recent system updates on my
ArchLinux desktop, support for Qt seized in favour of Qt4. This caused
merkaartor to break and since I am no C++/Qt4/5 developer, I decided
to switch to JOSM.

Merkaartor pro's:
- Great interface
- Great drawing functionality
- Visual appealing interface

Merkaartor con's:
- Small development team
- Cannot keep up with JOSM regarding plugins

I am a GIS professional. I also use qGIS a lot. But the map interface
in qGIS is WAY LESS attractive than what you managed to pull of with
Merkaartor! Respect!

I would really love to see drawing functions from merkaartor move to
qGIS, but that might remain a wish ;-)

Anyway, Chris and other developers, thanks for the great effort you
put into merkaartor! I enjoyed the ride!

2013/3/29 Manuel Reimer <Manuel.Spam at nurfuerspam.de>:
> f.dos.santos at free.fr wrote:
>> I've never looked into the code and I know nothing about Qt so I can't be
>> the maintainer but I hope I can contribute to it.
> Same for me. I don't know anything about Qt and I also don't know anything
> about the basics of a graphical editor application like Merkaartor. I looked
> into the code many times but don't understand how it works.
>> If a team is created for the maintenance of Merkaartor I'll join it ;-)
> +1
> Yours
> Manuel
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