[Merkaartor] Windows testing needed

Ladislav Laska laska at kam.mff.cuni.cz
Thu Apr 30 19:33:41 UTC 2015

> Does it matter if we point out shortcomings that had been there before?
> :-) I haven't done much mapping recently, but I truely liked Merkaartor
> best of all the available tools.

Not at all! I migrated some issues from the old database, but a lof them
were probably fixed (but not marked so), and some othere were missing
important data (mostly pictures with the problem), I left them out.

There is definitely a lot of stuff to do, and I would be glad to know
what users want. I will look into implementing some simpler things, but
the code needs some fixing before I'll start digging into the complex
parts. There are still some bugs (mostly race conditions I think)
lurking in the rendering, and the networking parts and OSM API are
currently way too fragile.

> Could you point to a github issue and (/or) to a Digia issue tracker
> please? I like reading up on stuff like this.

Sure, it's this one:


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