[Merkaartor] Merkaartor 0.18.3 release soon & 0.19 plan

Ladislav Laska laska at kam.mff.cuni.cz
Mon Jan 4 19:31:43 UTC 2016


I've decided to roll out 0.18.3 milestone later this month. The progress can be
seen on github milestone: 


There isn't much, as I've been fixing crashes for some time now, and I hope I've
got them all. If you have a problem that you think should be fixed in 0.18.3, please, let me

I will release source tarball and windows binary. I'm still looking for help
with apple images.

What's planned for 0.19? Mostly usability improvements:

  - Better relation explorer.
  - A new default rendering style, that will show more features and save us
    time looking for guideposts etc.
  - Note API support
  - Geoimages support
  - Speed improvements, mostly in opening files, but import as well (a friend of
	mine supplied me with some long 10Hz tracks, and it takes forever to
	load/save them).

What's not planned:
  - Mostly stuff marked as 1.0.0 milestone, which is the "ultimate
	milestone" for now. I haven't decided when to implement features listed in

Feel free to post more suggestions here/on github.

Have a nice day, and happy new year!

S pozdravem Ladislav Láska                          <laska at kam.mff.cuni.cz>
Katedra Aplikované Matematiky, MFF UK               tel.: +420 739 464 167

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