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John Robert Peterson jrp.crs at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 15:24:11 BST 2009

Ok, getting straight to the point ... how do we solve this problem. -- the
problem of bad data that is?

I believe there 2 things that we need to do:

Work out why people vandalise/otherwise submit incorrect data;

Work out what we can do about it.

Does anyone fancy compiling a list of the posible actions that have been
submited to the talk-gb mailing list (and anywhere else they can think of)
over the last few weeks?

I think close to the top of the list is to get a reversion tool together
that actaully does the job, properly and reliably, every time. Anyone here
know how to do that? Anyone know exactly what weaknesses the current tool
has? (though i'm not sure that's the kind of thing we should be detailing on
a public mailing list ...)

Detection also has to be important, how do we find people that are causing
issues? are we reliably finding them, or is there toxic data completly
slipping past us? The most recent problems -- how were they found?

Tracking also has to be important -- if somone is being toxic, how do we
keep track of what they do? How do we detect every edit they make? listing
every edit one user makes is fine, but that only finds issues caused by
idiots that don't know how to set up more than one account.

There was also mention of a sandbox -- if somone is found to be toxic, make
sure that any edits they make is made to a server that gets refreshed every
week from good data. But I'm not sure if thats needed if we have a good
reversion tool.


2009/9/29 John Smith <deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com>

> 2009/9/29 Kevin Peat <kevin at kevinpeat.com>:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I guess my interest is a little selfish as I've invested a fair amount of
> > time mapping my area and am in a part of the UK which doesn't yet have
> many
> > active mappers so if there was some misguided activity I would probably
> have
> > to sort it out.  So I'm mostly interested in just keeping up with the
> > discussion on the best approaches and tools to use to fix things.
> I'm with you, it's hard enough to map out vast areas without others
> making it more difficult, either unintentional accidents or making a
> mistake with some bot that makes mass changes and unforeseen side
> effects or intentional vandalism.
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