[OSM-newbies] Dictaphone / MD recorder / MP3 recorder

Chris Morley c.morley at gaseq.co.uk
Thu Dec 18 14:19:48 GMT 2008

dcp-osm at online.de wrote:
> I could not find any recommendations for suitable hardware for recording 
> (with synchronisation)
> voice messages for use with my Garmin 60CSx.
> It would certainly be easier than using my camera.
> Anybody got any pertinent recommendations.
I use continuous audio recording (so that mapping is hands-free) and 
synchronization in JOSM by saying when I turn the first corner. A 
cheap MP3 player for about GBP10 is fine - I use Proline MP518D, but
there others which appear to be based on the same chip. My backpack 
has a pouch for mobile phones on the strap, and there is a subsidiary 
pouch which is exactly the right size for this player(82x26x20mm). The 
memory size is more than enough for a full day's recording. I 
struggled with the USB interface until I realised that it has two modes.

Although it may seem obvious, I find the most important requirement is 
that you are actually collecting audio data when you are expecting to. 
Unlike an older voice recorder, this one doesn't lose the data already 
collected when the battery runs out, but there is no warning of this, 
which would have been useful. I find the mode where it automatically 
disables the keys after 10 seconds useful as another way of avoiding 
unexpected loss of data.


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