[OSM-newbies] ghost ? lines between raw .gpx in JOSM

Hein Schouwenaars (HPA) schouwenaars11 at kpnplanet.nl
Sat Feb 14 20:30:13 GMT 2009

Riht on target. Turns out the maximum length value was -1. No wonder it
picked up any point.



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Onderwerp: Re: [OSM-newbies] ghost ? lines between raw .gpx in JOSM

Hein Schouwenaars (HPA) wrote:

>What I notice lately that there are (it seems random) lines connecting the
>various GPS tracks. These are criss cross over the whole area. This must be
>a bug isn't it? Or can we do something to our tracks to prevent this?

JOSM is assuming that these track points belong together (to a single
track) and connects them with a line. Donno why this happens. I think
it has something to do with GPX-File during upload and the timestamp
for each trackpoint.
Try playing with the parameter "Maximum length" under Preferences -->
"Display Settings" --> "Draw lines between raw gps points."

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