[OSM-newbies] Highway=stile vs Barrier=stile

Mike Harris mikh43 at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 2 09:47:09 GMT 2009

I am slightly puzzled by what seems to me to be a tagging anomaly. I understand from the wiki that there was a tag "highway=stile" and that later on a newer tag was introduced "barrier=stile".
If I use "highway=stile" alone, JOSM shows an error - not as a true validation error but as a bright yellow "no entry exclamation mark" icon. I can replace this in JOSM by adding the additional tag "barrier=stile" which replaces the pseudo-error with a nice stile icon.
If I use "barrier=stile" alone, JOSM shows the stile icon - but the node does not render on the main map in osmarender. I can fix this by adding the additional tag "highway=stile" - it then renders as something like a "not =" symbol in osmarender.
To force both JOSM and the main map (under osmarender) to look nice I need both tags - which seems a bit odd.
Has anyone out there had a similar experience? What is the recommended tagging for stile - as a walker currently trying to get all west Cheshire public rights of way (and major permissive walking routes) onto osm via seven-years' worth of time-stamped gpx files, I would be glad of advice.
Mike Harris
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