[OSM-newbies] GPS vs Tracing

Donald Campbell II donaciano2000 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 17:53:58 GMT 2010

Okay thanks for the replies guys.  What I've basically decided is this:  I'm
gonna go with the aerial photos for now.  Since I'm really the only active
mapper in the area and GPS devices are still pretty rare... anyone I
introduce to the project is most likely going to want to trace using
Potlatch.  Computers are not common here, internet access is less so, a GPS
device is nearly non-existant unless you have a tracking device in your car.

My traces generally seem to show the map being about 10ft north east of
where it should be but sometimes it's on the other side.  So for now the
aerial is actually cleaner and more consistant.  If later on someone
verifies that it's shifted off by a known amount perhaps they can get the
images adjusted and then just scoot it all in one shot using JOSM.

Also the Bing photos only cover the main city area where I am and further
away you have to use a GPS anyways.  So we're only talking about a few
miles.  If anyone joins OSM here we'll all be on the same page with the
tracing for now.

I've been trying to build a community around OSM here and it's been slow
going, lack of tech is the main problem.  Hopefully Bing will make it easier
to involve others.  :-)

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