[OSM-newbies] Tagging POI's: Draw buildings, add points, or both?

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Mon Dec 13 20:09:19 GMT 2010

On Monday, December 13, 2010 10:34:31 am Kenneth Pardue wrote:
> Now that the Bing imagery is available, it's much easier to see and draw the outlines of buildings.  I think it looks really nice in my home town to have the building shapes available on the map.  But with regards to applications that use the data for routing and searching, is it better to tag the information in the building shape, to drop a point on the map, or to draw a shape, tag it as "building" with no other information and then drop a point on top of it where the information about the business is included?
> Or, am I completely off base by drawing the buildings at all?

You've heard the line don't tag for the renderer, but it follows: don't tag for the router or any other software.

I've noticed that for searching, at least with Nominatim, there isn't a difference. Both types will appear — however, while both appear, I'm not sure whether there is a bearing on ranking.

Last routing software I checked (I don't recall which) only routed to POIs. But that's a flaw with the routing software, not the map.

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