[OSM-newbies] Market vs supermarket

Xan dxpublica at telefonica.net
Mon Feb 8 20:06:02 GMT 2010


Is there any way of tag an area as market and not as supermarket.
As a market I understand an area (covered or not) with independent 
persons or shops selling diverse things: meat, vegetables, animals, etc.

In the Europe (Spain and Italy for example; see for example Mercat de la 
Bocaria of Barcelona), there are street markets where the selling posts 
are in the squares or streets. These markets could be permanent (like 
Mercat de la Bocaria), 7 days week, or serving only several days a week 
(typically 2 days per week). In catalan, we say "avui hi ha mercat" 
("today there is a market"; sorry for literally translation).

Supermarket is only _one_ shop buying things. The supermarket has only 
one owner (an operator), instead of market (where the posts are independent)

So, I think supermarket is not worth for tagging that. Is there any tag 
like market?

Thanks a lot and sorry my english,

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