[OSM-newbies] Shoulder and traffic indicator tags

Daniel Tremblay tremblad at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 16:09:09 BST 2010

Is there a tag to indicate if a highway (whatever its type) has a
shoulder or not?

Is there a tag to give an indication of car traffic on a given road
(low, moderate, high)?

My purpose is to give cyclist more info when preparing their rides on
road that are not cycleway (nor NCN, RCN, LCN).  I would personnaly
not go on a highway=secondary with no shoulder and moderate to high
traffic ...  But, even with high traffic, I might use that road if
there is shoulders ...  And, even without shoulders, I might go there
if the traffic indicator is low.

I saw the tag "rtc_rate" but not find it very intuitive.

I'm planning to use a generic description tag to document these
informations but just wondering if specific tags already exist (and I
didn't find them).


Thank you.

Daniel Tremblay
Quebec City

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