[OSM-newbies] OSM maps in Mapsource on Windows 7

Roger Calvert roger at rogercalvert.me.uk
Sun Sep 4 12:34:52 BST 2011

Thanks, Andy. Unfortunately, this does not seem to work either. It is a 
.reg file which does not give the option of running as Administrator. I 
wrote a .bat file to run it, which I can run as Administrator, but still 
no joy.

Running it direct does create a new set of entries under 
HKLM/Software/Garmin (which wasn't there before), but running it through 
the .bat file does not.


Roger Calvert

On 04/09/2011 12:02, SomeoneElse wrote:
> Roger Calvert wrote:
>> I have been compiling OSM maps for Garmin MapSource and my GPS 
>> successfully for some time. But I have just changed from Windows XP 
>> to Windows 7, and I can't seem to register the maps with MapSource. 
>> The equivalent registry changes to those in XP seem to have no 
>> effect. Anyone found the answer to this?
> Registry updates in Windows 7 don't always go to where you expect if 
> you don't run the thing that updates the registry as Administrator.  
> In the case of new maps, it'll update your personal area which 
> Mapsource won't then look at.
> If you run whatever it is that you run to add the maps as 
> administrator (right click the icon and that'll be on the menu) all 
> should be OK.
> Cheers,
> Andy
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