[OSM-newbies] help from computerteddy

Donald Campbell II donaciano2000 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 13:32:11 BST 2011

An 8GB card in an old device like that may be the problem. Or you may have a
map too large for your device memory limits, or the file may be wrongly
named or in the wrong folder.

You can try smaller chunks of the map maybe using cloudmade extracts as they
normally work great.  Be sure to have your downloaded map called
gmapsupp.img and in the Garmin folder on the memory card.

If nothing shows up at all after restarting the device, most likely it's a
file system problem.  Many older devices can't use more than 2GB or 4GB
cards, depending on a lot of different things.  You may want to try a
smaller card, or reformat that card as FAT16, or make a 2GB partition and
see if that helps.

Sorry if that's a bit geek speak for you, there's several possible causes
and it'll take some troubleshooting to figure out exactly what's going on.

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