[OSM-newbies] Sudden increase in spam

Manfred A. Reiter ma.reiter at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 16:22:43 BST 2011

Hi Brian,

2011/9/29 Brian Stempin <brian.stempin at gmail.com>:
> What the crack is with the sudden increase in spam?  I'm pretty sure anyone
> with an email address that ends in "googlemail.com" is fake.  Did someone
> accidentally disable to recaptcha or something?
> Brian

Please, that is no spam.
We start an Comenius project, founded by the EU with schools from
Slovenia, Turkey, Romania, Portugal and Germany. We show the teachers
the Newbie mailiniglist
in the case, they need help.

Apologise for any distruptions and invonenicene.
I hope, these teachers and there students will soon
a great help for the OSM project. ;-)

Thanks for understanding.


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