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My humble suggestion: provide an english-language version of the site.
Although I have to admit I managed to get around the site (and the map)
Great work and good luck with your project.


On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 9:21 PM, Arnaud CAVAILHEZ <arnaud at cavailhez.fr>wrote:

> Hi everyone !
> some of you may have heard of isokron on newbies already,
> isokron is a young project of a web application providing isochronous
> maps of Paris (and other cities as soon as we are able to develop it). I
> encourage you to visit http://www.isokron.com/ for details and to try
> the application (texts are in french for now, I'll translate them soon)
> I believe isokron is a neat idea and I would like to let it grow. To
> allow this to happen, by lending servers and hiring people namely, I
> would need to commercialize a product based upon OSM. Our ideas yet are
> prints of the maps, and consulting to some extent.
> My question for osm-professional is simple :
> Did such a situation happened to one of you in the past and how was it
> managed ? Is there a common procedure for it ?
> I really hope you'll like isokron if you try it, and that it can be
> extended to much more!
> Regards,
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