[OSM2World] OSM to OBJ semantics

Balázs Dukai balazs.dukai at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 22 13:18:17 UTC 2016


I tried to convert OSM data to OBJ and view it in Blender and although I 
succeeded (obj1.png), the results look different to what I see in the 
osm2world GUI (osm2world_gui.png). I've already read about the "holes in 
the ground" problem, but mainly what I mean here is that the semantics 
(roof, wall) got a bit mixed up in the OBJ. This makes it really 
difficult to visually evaluate the resulting 3D model.
I tried both the command line and the GUI to convert to OBJ. I also 
tried both the v0.1.9 and the latest build.

I wonder if I missed some setting in osm2world or Blender, or its bug? 
This is the first time I'm using osm2world and Blender, so please excuse 
me if I'm asking something obvious.

With regards,
Balázs Dukai
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