[Osmf-announce] Proxy voting for OSMF elections now open

Henk Hoff henk.hoff at osmfoundation.org
Thu Sep 1 11:28:25 BST 2011

Dear OSMF Member,

The OSMF election process described in our earlier email continues.
Fully paid-up members of the OSMF may exercise their right to vote for
candidates to the OpenStreetMap Foundation board of directors. If you
don't know whether you're membership payment is up-to-date, please
contact membership at osmfoundation.org. Generally speaking: if you
haven't received a renewal notification lately (on this e-mail
address), you're very likely ok.

The vote will be held at the OSMF Annual General Meeting at State of
the Map 2011 conference, State of the Map 2011 venue, Denver,
Colorado, USA, at 12:30 MDT, Sunday, 11 September 2011.

You do NOT have to join the conference to attend the meeting.
Attendance of the AGM is free.  However, if you would also like to
join SOTM 2011, you can still register at

OSMF AGM Agenda: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Foundation/AGM11

Today, 01 September 2011, at 0900 UTC, marks the beginning of the
proxy voting period.  Details on proxy voting by email can be found on
the wiki at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Foundation/AGM11/Election_to_Board
and are also copied below.

To cast your vote by proxy you should send a message to the following
email addresses containing the details of your vote:

To: secretary at osmfoundation.org (Henk Hoff - OSMF secretary)
cc: osmfvote2011 at gmail.com (Derrick Nehrenberg - Independent scrutineer)
cc: vote2011 at weait.com (Richard Weait - Independent scrutineer)
Subject: OSMF Board Vote 2011

Keep in mind:
- You may vote for up to four candidates.
- Your email should simply list the names of the candidates you wish
to vote for. Any other content of your email will be ignored.
- Any conditions or qualifiers attached to your vote will be ignored.
- Listing more than four candidates will be considered a spoiled vote.
- Emails not copied to the independent scrutineers may also be
considered as spoiled votes.

Voting by email opens on Thursday, 01 September 2011 at 0900 UTC.
Voting by email closes on Thursday, 08 September 2011 at 1700 UTC.
Votes after that time should be made in person at the AGM.

Election Calendar

Thursday, 01 September 2011
   * proxy votes by email open at 0900 UTC

Thursday, 08 September 2011
   * proxy votes by email close 1700 UTC

Sunday, 11 September 2011
   * AGM at SotM - Denver
   * in-person vote

Many regards,

Henk Hoff

OpenStreetMap Foundation
+31 6 4808 8925
henk.hoff at osmfoundation.org

Name & Registered Office:
Openstreetmap Foundation
132 Maney Hill Road
Sutton Coldfield
B72 1JU
United Kingdom
A company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales.
Registration No. 05912761.

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