[Osmf-talk] Travel-to-panama expenses

Ulf Möller um at ulfm.de
Sat Aug 1 15:19:28 UTC 2009

Iván Sánchez Ortega schrieb:

> And a request for all OSMF board nominees: please state your point of view on 
> spending OSMF money on community development, and on national/regional 
> mapping agencies.

It makes a lot of sense to raise funds for promoting OSM. On the other 
hand, I don't think money donated in the expectation that it will be 
used to run the OSM infrastructure should be spent on promotion.

In my opinion, decisions to supports individuals attending OSM-related 
events should be based on a spending policy that has support of the 
Foundation membership, and/or of the donors that make it possible.

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