[Osmf-talk] Travel-to-panama expenses

Henk Hoff henk at toffehoff.nl
Mon Aug 3 10:43:46 UTC 2009

2009/7/31 Iván Sánchez Ortega <ivan at sanchezortega.es>:
> And a request for all OSMF board nominees: please state your point of view on
> spending OSMF money on community development, and on national/regional
> mapping agencies.

I'm a little hesitant to spend money on plane tickets to send people
all over the world to talk to whoever. The following reasons:
- Money: our resources are limited.
- Precedent: next there is somebody who likes to go to Tongo, Papua
New Guinea, Haiti, Madagascar, etc, etc. All with a similar request.
Who will be eligable and who not?
- Value for money: how to get the most out of our budget.

I see the importance of face-to-face meetings, especially when it
comes to making deals. Normally local community members could do that,
but that is a little difficult in places where there are no community

What can we do:
- Make (promo) documentation about OSM specificaly targeted to
specific groups like mapping agencies in several languages (English,
Spanish, German, .....)  for local community members to use
- Make information we have easier accessible (set up an intuitive
portal for new users/mappers; www.osm.org )
- Set up a "Spread the Word" scheme (like the Grenada pledge a year
ago). "Help send xxx to yyyy"

Hope this gives some insite to my position.


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